Now accepting Arkansas home care agencies

Continuing Education for Caregivers

Save time and money by automating your agency's caregiver education program

How it works

1. Sign Up

Upon signup, you're given access to a dashboard that contains your agency's unique caregiver link. That link allows your caregivers to create their own profile, yet still remain tied to your agency. From there, just work the link into your onboarding flow and let your caregivers do the rest.

2. Caregivers Complete Learning Modules

After signing up using the link you provide, your caregivers complete learning modules. At the moment, there are 12 learning modules, one for each month. Each module also contains an in-depth quiz to test knowledge retention.

3. You Get Certificates

As your caregivers complete learning modules in a timely fashion, you get certificates emailed to you as proof of completion. We also let you know when caregivers are not completing modules on time with an easy to read spreadsheet every month.

There's been a natural adoption of the platform with no training whatsoever. It automates on-going caregiver education to the point that our in-office staff barely has to touch it. It just works.

Haden Gilder
CEO, Home Helpers - Northwest Arkansas


Access to for your agency is a flat $500/mo. That covers all your caregivers, with no limits on use.
At the moment, we are focused on supporting the state of Arkansas. If your agency is based outside of Arkanas and you'd like access to, please email us at
Yes. We work hard to make sure our program meets or exceeds state laws on caregiver and CNA training.

Try for free

Every agency gets a free, no credit card required seven day trial to give a test drive. No features are held back – you get complete run of the house.